Acne Scar Types

Dr. Rapaport

Deep Rolling Scar
Wave-like appearance
Best treated by lifting the scar. Scars can be lifted most naturally with a procedure known as subcision. Another option is using a filler, such as Restylane® or silicone.

Shallow Rolling Scar
Minor wave-like appearance
These scars are not as depressed as deep rolling scars and can therefore be improved by lifting the scar with subcision or filler and can smoothed out with a Fraxel® laser or Fractionated CO2.

Boxcar Scars
Rectangular scars with vertical edges
Best treated by Fraxel® laser or Fractionated CO2. These scars will also respond to a TCA Cross.

Raised Papule
Small bumps
These raised scars are most common on the nose and chin and are usually treated by techniques which flatten them. Laser skin resurfacing with the Erbium:YAG laser is commonly used or radiofrequency ablation.

Deep Pit
Sharp and deeply indented
Depending upon the width and depth, these scars can be treated with TCA Cross, Excision or Fraxel® laser.

Shallow Pit
Slightly sunken sharp edges
Best treated by Fraxel®, Fractionated CO2 or TCA Cross

Enlarged Pore
Appears as a tiny hole on the face
Also known as a superficial pit scar, best treated by the Fraxel® laser. This is a formerly clogged pore which was never healed. Enlarged pores can be found on the face, specifically on the central cheeks and around the mouth and nose.

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