Brown Spot Removal

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What are Brown Spots or Pigmented lesions ?

Melanin is what gives our skin its color. Dark or light complexioned, we all have varying amounts of melanin. Pigmented lesions also called as brown spots are dark in color simply because melanin is abnormally concentrated in one area of the skin. High concentrations of melanin can be due to various factors. Some are present at the time of birth, but most occur with age or as a result of overexposure to the sun's damaging rays.

Can these be removed without surgery?

Certainly. Pigmented lesions can be successfully lightened or removed with modern laser technology or intense pulsed light. A laser removes pigmented lesions with the energy of light. The Medlite laser the Intense Pulsed Light provides the appropriate wavelength of light for the absorption by abnormal melanin concentrations. Laser also delivers light in very short, high intensity pulses for maximum melanin destruction. The use of this specific combination of wavelength and rapidly pulsed light results in minimal damage to normal skin while providing maximum abnormal melanin removal.

Why doesn't the laser remove my normal skin pigmentation also?

The laser light was designed for its properties that selectively target dark concentrations of melanin. If after the abnormal concentration of melanin was removed, and treatment continued on normal skin, some whitening could occur. However your body's natural regenerative system would replace the normal melanin after a period of time returning the melanin to its natural state.

Is the process painful?

A numbing cream can be used prior to therapy. The Medlite laser or the Intense Pulsed Light emits light in very short flashes of light called pulses. The impact of the energy from the powerful pulse of light is similar to the snap of a thin rubber band. After the treatment, the area will feel similar to a slight sunburn. Typically, within a day or so, any discomfort disappears. The area may remain reddened for two to four weeks. After the redness clears the skin is returned to its natural smooth coloring and texture.

How many sessions are required to remove pigmented lesions?

At least 80% of all common pigmented lesions are removed with one treatment. If a lesion covers a large area, Dr. Rapaport may want to treat the area in several stages, to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Can excess pigmentation come back?

Common pigmented lesions can't return. Some birthmarks may return after a period of several months to a year. However the treatment can be repeated with similar results.

  Before and After

Before and After

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