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Dr. William K. Boss, Jr. specializes in a new technique -laser-assisted liposuction- which vastly surpasses traditional forms of liposuction by accelerating and improving recovery.

Liposuction, in all its forms, is an extraordinary tool, allowing a skilled surgeon to literally sculpt the body. Liposuction is especially indicated when a patient of normal weight has disproportionate fat distribution a localized accumulation of fat cells-in specific areas of the body. Because the number of fat cells remains fixed after adolescence, an individual who has undergone liposuction can expect permanent results provided weight is maintained at a consistent level.

Ultimately, the improvements to appearance achieved via the various methods of liposuction-whether tumescent, ultrasonic-assisted or laser-assisted are equivalent. The differences between the various methods become clear, however, in a comparison of postoperative recoveries. Tumescent and ultrasonic-assisted liposuction techniques require a considerable recovery time; bruising, swelling, and pain are common to most patients. I n contrast, laser-assisted liposuction results in little or no bruising, less swelling, little or no postoperative discomfort, and rapid recovery.

New Jersey laser-assisted liposuction technique

Under ordinary circumstances, local anesthesia and a sedative are the only medications a patient will require for the duration of the procedure. Completely an external process, without any incision whatsoever, the laser's low-level energy wavelengths weaken the membranes of the cells. The fat contained in the cell literally oozes out of the cell's perimeter. Then, through tiny incisions, the fat is sucked up through a very small surgical tool, called a cannula. If desired, the extracted fat can then be used to fill out another area of the patient's body.

Next, Dr. Boss resets the same low-level energy laser, which is FDA-approved for pain management, to the frequency optimal for relief of pain. The laser is then set on an anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling mode for the final laser treatment. This dramatically reduces postoperative discomfort. The patient returns the next day for a second pain management session. As a result, many patients need no postoperative pain medication at all.

Because low-level laser-assisted liposuction is not an intrusive procedure, bruising and swelling are very minimal. Most patients can return to their normal activities in two to three days.

The results are dramatic and permanent. Dr. Boss's low-level laser-assisted liposuction technique is simply the best technology available for maximum patient comfort and healing, combined with exceptionally beautiful results.

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Before and After

Before and After

Before and After

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